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Lello 4090 Gelato Pro Quart Ice Cream Maker
Manufacturer: Lello
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Product Description

This handy ice cream maker takes only about 45 minutes to churn out 2 quarts of gelato, frozen yogurt, or ice cream. The built-in compressor freezer operates continuously, so you can turn out multiple flavours of ice cream while your guests finish their dinner. The unit has a built-in timer and an automatic safety shut-off that allows you the freedom to leave the unit unattended; an alarm sounds when the freezing time is up. A removable 2-quart bowl, transparent lid, and slim ingredient window all simplify operation. This versatile unit is also useful for crafting frozen drinks and chilled soups â€" use it to make frozen slushes, fat free ice milk, sorbets and sorbettos. Includes a recipe booklet.
Weighs 39 pounds.
Size: 2 qt
Colour/Pattern: White
Capacity: 2 quarts/1.9 litres
Dimensions: 15"L × 11"W × 13"H
Product of China
NOTE: Lello Gelato Pro, model 4090

Product Details

  • Self contained freezing unit
  • Makes 2 quarts in about 45 minutes
  • Built in timer, auto shut off
  • Removable bowl
  • 235-watts or 1/3 Horse Power

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